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Evening Restoration Update - Friday, April 10, 2020


Severe thunderstorms and high winds impacted Entergy Texas service territory Thursday evening, April 9th, causing wide spread outages with a peak of 31,100 customers without power. Currently as of Friday, 4/10/20 at 6:00pm, a total of 2,647 customers are without power in the Conroe, Huntsville, and Navasota areas. Entergy Texas workers continue restoring power to customers who can take service.  Entergy Texas acquired an additional 260 contract line workers and 27 vegetation workers.

Entergy Texas is closely monitoring weather forecasts, which predict more storms through Saturday and Sunday. 

We are working to ensure we have the people and resources to respond to outages, while also maintaining safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additional measures, such as social distancing, must be taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For their safety and yours, please respect their safety work zones. If you need to report a problem with your service or get bill payment help, we’re just a phone call away: 1-800-ENTERGY.

Summary of Restoration as of 6:00pm, Friday 4/10/20

All customers in the Cleveland, Navasota, New Caney and The Woodlands areas are expected to be restored by this evening or late tonight.

Conroe Network – total of 103 customers are without power.

Customers remaining without power are located near Northwood Drive off North Frazier Street.  Crew workers will work late into the night but do not expect to restore all customers until early Saturday morning.  The new complete time of restoration is Saturday, 4/11/20 at 8:00am.

Huntsville Network – total of 2,087 customers are without power.

The damage assessments found approximately 40 spans of wire down, 10 broken poles, 12 cross arms, 3 transformers, and 7 trees or limbs fallen on power lines.  Wind and lightning damage impacted the Huntsville areas of Elkins Lake, Hwy 30 West, Fish Hatchery Road on FM 2821, Forest Hills, the Riverside area near FM 980 and Sherwood Drive and Lake Road, the Trinity area near Hwy 94 north of Lake Livingston around Pinecrest Road and FM 3188.  Entergy Texas plans to continue moving contract crews to Huntsville areas as they become available from other operational locations.  The new complete time of restoration is Saturday, 4/11/20 at 3:00pm.

As with any weather event, please be mindful of the following safety tips:

  1. Live wires can be deadly. Stay away from downed power lines. Call 1 800 9OUTAGE or1 800 968 8243 to report downed or dangling power lines, poles or other damaged equipment.
  2. Do not trim trees or remove debris on or near downed power lines. Only power company crews or their contractors should remove trees or limbs touching power lines.
  3. Keep away from the immediate areas where crews are working. There is always the danger of moving equipment and the possibility of construction materials or limbs or overhead wires falling to the ground.
  4. If you plan on using a generator for temporary power, get a licensed electrician and disconnect from the utility electric system before hooking up to your home main electric panel. 
  5. Do not run a generator in a confined space without adequate ventilation.
  6. Avoid using candles or other flammable devices to warm your home. 
  7. Check on seniors, who can be particularly susceptible to extreme temperatures. 
  8. Try to stay off the roads in affected areas. More traffic in bad weather leads to more accidents, including more injuries and fatalities as well as accidents that can damage electrical poles and other equipment, creating outages and impeding the ability of crews to access and repair damage and slowing restoration.

We want to keep you informed and in control so here is the best way to get information about outages in addition to the View Outage application:

  1. Download our app for your smartphone at or visit to stay informed on our restoration progress. Android users who have difficulty accessing the app on their smartphones can get information from the mobile version of our site at
  2. Sign up for text alerts. From your cellphone, text R E G to 368374, or visit
  3. Follow us on or
  4. Follow updates in your local news media, like radio, television and newspapers.

Texas Editorial Team