After storm damage, many customers ask us what part of the electrical equipment that serves their home or business is their responsibility, and what part is Entergy's responsibility.

Attached to your home or business is the equipment needed for us to deliver power to you. Some of the equipment is ours, and some is yours. If you have storm damage, you must have a qualified electrician repair the damaged equipment belonging to you before we can restore your power. You may also have to have repairs inspected by a local authority before we can restore your power.

If your power comes to your location from overhead wires:

The equipment at your location that is your responsibility to have repaired includes:

  • The meter base, a metal box housing our meter and protecting your connections to it.
  • The pipe rising up from the meter base that protects the lines entering your home or business and the point where your lines connect to ours.
  • The weatherhead that sits on top of the pipe. It contains the connection wires and is shaped like a hood, with the face pointing downward at an angle.

The equipment that Entergy workers will repair includes:

  • Our service wire carrying energy from the service pole to your home or business.
  • Our electric meter that measures how much energy you use.