Insights > Crews make improvements to electric system serving area in and around LSU’s campus

Crews make improvements to electric system serving area in and around LSU’s campus


Entergy Louisiana crews and contractors have made several improvements to the transmission system serving an area in and around LSU’s campus. The improvements were aimed at improving the reliability of electric service to the area.

LSU’s campus recently experienced power outages on Aug. 22 and Sept. 25. The initial outage occurred after a power line – carrying higher than normal load due to extremely hot temperatures and increased electricity demand – separated from a piece of electric equipment called a “conductor sleeve”. The subsequent outage occurred due to a power line contacting a crossarm brace, which is a piece of equipment at the top of a utility pole that holds equipment like insulators and power lines.

To help prevent these types of outages from occurring, crews have performed the following work over the last couple months:

  • More than 10 conductor sleeves were upgraded with more modern, stronger ones to help keep transmission lines in place even on the hottest days of the year.
  • Equipment at the top of the transmission pole impacted on Sept. 25 was upgraded with a new design that incorporates modern insulators, which is equipment that holds power lines in place and prevents current from flowing through support structures.
  • Five transmission poles were replaced with more modern, steel poles.

Entergy Louisiana understands how critical power is for our customers and the inconvenience an outage can cause. The company is committed to continuing to perform reliability work and upgrade its electric system, including in and around the LSU area, to provide customers with the service they deserve.

David Freese
Communications Specialist