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Meet the pros: Arkansas Nuclear One’s Amanda Lamb


In celebration of Women’s History Month, meet Amanda Lamb, a system electrical engineer at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville, Ark.

Lamb works with operations and maintenance to monitor and maintain systems at the site, including the large power transformers, voltage distribution, batteries and inverters for Unit 2 to ensure reliable operation for the life of the plant.

“I love ANO because the people make it a great place to work, from the comradery built through working outages together to the friendships made at work, which are also friendships outside of work,” said Lamb.

Her drive and motivation to stay safe at work and provide clean, carbon-free energy is because of the people she loves in her community.

“My boyfriend and my family are why I work to help the plant maintain reliable and safe operation everyday to keep the surrounding area safe where my boyfriend lives and provide reliable power across the state—including southwest Arkansas where my family lives,” Lamb said.

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