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Meet the pros: Grand Gulf’s Jay Lebrun


Meet Jay Lebrun, the safety coordinator at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, Miss.

Lebrun has spent the last five years making sure Grand Gulf personnel stay safe. One of Lebrun’s responsibilities is to lead the peer-to-peer coaching program, which is an important feature of nuclear safety culture. To uphold a safe environment, nuclear workers keep an eye on each other and personally hold themselves and others accountable for working safely.

"I love leading the peer-to-peer program because it brings home the message of being each other's keeper,” said Lebrun “We will never know all the events prevented in the field because of peer-to-peer coaching. I love that I get to help make sure everyone goes home the same way they came into work.”

Before joining the nuclear industry, Lebrun had 12 years of experience with fire rescue.

“My background made my safety position at Grand Gulf an easy fit,” he said.

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