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Meet the pros: River Bend’s Madelyn Remont-Waguespack


In celebration of Women’s History Month, meet Madelyn Remont-Waguespack, an engineer in the strategic systems electrical and instrumentation and controls team at River Bend Station located in St. Francisville, La.

Remont-Waguespack and her team are responsible for overseeing and ensuring optimal performance for critical systems that are key to River Bend’s safe and efficient operation.

“Since starting at Entergy in June, I have tried to bring a new perspective to projects and problems with a questioning attitude,” said Remont-Waguespack. “I don’t accept things as true until I question enough to understand for myself why we do things a certain way. I believe that having a questioning attitude can improve safety and efficiency at River Bend Station.”

Remont-Waguespack’s journey into the field of engineering was sparked by her interest in math, science and electronics since high school. She combined her passion for understanding how things work and her desire to make a meaningful impact on society to pursue a career in engineering at River Bend.

"Our community uses power every day, so it's great to not only provide a household necessity but to do so in a safe, reliable way that keeps our environment clean," Remont-Waguespack said.

Her natural problem-solving ability relates with her career as an engineer. She leverages her analytical and technical skills to aid in developing innovative solutions that address challenges effectively.

"I enjoy going through equipment history and pinpointing the exact causes of problems at the plant so we can fix them right the first time,” she said. “It's exciting when all the research and troubleshooting comes together, and you get the answer to a problem."

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