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Need Help Paying Your Bill? We’re Here to Help


This time of year means the weather can change throughout the week. One day we are bundled up from the cold and by the weekend, we’re outside enjoying the sun. And while catching some sun is always a pleasant surprise after a cold day, we understand a high bill is not.

I know that some of you may be struggling to pay your bill during the pandemic. The economic strain has hit our communities hard. While bills can — and do — fluctuate, I want to share some insight as to what could impact your bill from month to month.

Some impacts to your bill may include:

  • If you’re a typical residential customer using 1000 kWh of energy one month and increased your usage by 500 kWh the following month, you may see a significant increase in your bill. Don’t forget that some customers in Louisiana, also use gas service, which will add to your overall bill. Visit the myAdvisor tool on to get a clear view of when you use the most energy. The usage and cost tool can compare your usage history by month, day and even hour.
  • During the colder and warmer weather months, more energy is used to warm or cool your home. In fact, heating and cooling costs can account for as much as 55% of your monthly energy usage. Remember, the bigger the difference between inside and outside temperatures and the more repeated days of colder temperatures there are, the more electricity and gas are used. Additionally, the average monthly billing cycle days can vary.

So, what does all of this mean? While each individual item on your bill can affect your budgeting, when more than one factor influences your bill at the same time, it can be surprising. But you do have options to help you save money and manage your energy usage.

If you’re concerned about your energy usage, the Energy Smart program  offers free virtual and in-home energy assessments and rebates to help reduce the up-front cost of installing energy-efficient equipment such as high-efficiency HVAC tune-ups, insulation, air sealing and duct sealing. You also can purchase energy efficiency products and upgrades through our online marketplace.

Additionally, we partner with countless agencies across the state to help qualifying individuals receive payment assistance. For a full set of details, and to see what programs are available in your area, click here.

Additional steps to lower your energy usage and cost include:

  • Setting thermostat to 68 degrees during the winter months and 78 degrees during the summer months.
  • Checking all the vents and making sure they are fully opened. Close the ones in rooms not being used. Make sure vent returns aren’t covered with furniture or curtains.
  • Closing the fireplace damper when it is not in use.
  • Using a fan to circulate air through the room.
  • Adding insulation and seal air leaks.

I want to assure you that we are here to help you if you’re struggling to pay your bill.

Call us at 1-800-Entergy to discuss our bill payment assistance plan. The plan includes deferred payment arrangements for up to 12 months and payment extensions with waived late fees. Customers also can visit to find a payment option that best fits their needs.

Entergy has been powering lives in Louisiana for more than 100 years. How we all use and manage energy is now more critical than ever.

Yovanka Daniel
Vice President, Customer Service, Entergy Louisiana